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Dirk Brodey by Sean Hall

At Artithmeric, artists control and keep ownership of their work. They get to set the price for their comics and merch while everyone enjoys our quality print-on-demand and quick worldwide shipping, with no minimum order quantities.

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Delegates by Bin Lee and Tina Cesa Ward

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Supporting indie comic artists by buying their work is crucial for the growth and sustainability of the indie comic industry. Indie comics, also known as independent or self-published comics, are created outside the mainstream comic book industry and offer unique and diverse perspectives that are often underrepresented in mainstream corporate-controlled comics.

At Artithmeric, we recognize the importance of supporting indie comic artists and have created a platform that empowers them to retain creative control and keep ownership of their work. Our print-on-demand service allows artists to set their own prices for their comics and merchandise, ensuring that they are fairly compensated for their creations.

In addition to giving artists control over their work, we also provide high-quality printing and quick worldwide shipping, with no minimum order quantities. This means that fans can easily access and purchase the indie comics they love, while the artists can focus on what they do best: creating.

By supporting creators on Artithmeric and buying indie comics directly from the artists, you are getting access to unique and original works as well as supporting the individuals who create them. This not only benefits the artists themselves, but it also helps to nurture and grow the indie comic community as a whole.

So if you love indie comics and want to support the talented individuals who create them, purchase their work through Artithmeric. Together, we can help keep the indie comic industry thriving.